Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Fall - The Complete Peel Sessions 1978-2004

This was posted long time ago on these very pages, I know. But links are broken so a re-up is absolutely deserved. I'm bit lazy lately, taken by a lot of stupid things in "real life". And of course by MW3. Anyway, I feel that this comprensive labour of love, that goes by the name of "The Complete Peel Sessions", will make your week-end a bit better, either if you're an hardcore Fall fan-boy/girl or random listener of the "best band in the world". There's a lot of music in it and is top class.


CD3 part 1
CD3 part 2
CD6 part 1
CD6 part 2

CD3 and CD6 are comprised of two parts. Download both and then extract with winrar.


johnv said...

I can't believe no one has left a "thank you" for this amazing post. This is the mother lode for Fall fans. Many thanks!!

Adrian Wilson said...

1000 thanks. Love every minute.

Beleaguer said...

The grace I leave you for this is eternal,

Bou Fartettu said...

thanks much for this great stuff

polliep said...


Wupload does not allow files to be shared. We are a STORAGE ONLY product so you can only download your own files.

If you have uploaded this file yourself, login first in order to download it.

i has a sad :(

Jizzrelics said...

with all the mess made after the lock of megaupload and similair sites a lot of the archives were taken down :(

i've no plan for the near future, so be patient and check once in a while to see if JR activities are on hiatus or not.

Ex Lion Tamer said...

Can you upload again, please?
Thank you!

Ex Lion Tamer said...

Can you upload again, please?
thank you