Thursday, November 3, 2011

Jethro Tull - Aqualung (40th Anniversary Edition) {2011}

This 40th anniversary remastered edition of Aqualung is easily the most difference making remaster I've ever heard. The sound just jumps out at you and because of this, there is a freshness to this version that almost makes it sound brand new. Already a classic album, the sound on Aqualung now takes us back to those days when we listened to these on vinyl in all their rich analog glory! Ian Anderson and the rest of the band sound great. There are sounds brought in from the ends of the spectrum that as I said before, making listening to this album a brand new experience. Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree did the remastering. His efforts on this and the King Crimson catalog have sort of made him the caretaker of these progressive rock classics. I'm going to go grab myself a beer, sit back and listen to this again and once again relive the music from this by-gone era.

One other note: The 2nd disc in this edition is also a must have, but if you already own the last release of Aqualung (the one with bonus tracks), you will want to keep it. There are some differences in the bonus material. Review by FLASH.

01. Aqualung (New Stereo Mix)
02. Cross-eyed Mary (New Stereo Mix)
03. Cheap Day Return (New Stereo Mix)
04. Mother Goose (New Stereo Mix)
05. Wondring Aloud (New Stereo Mix)
06. Up To Me (New Stereo Mix)
07. My God (New Stereo Mix)
08. Hymn 43 (New Stereo Mix)
09. Slipstream (New Stereo Mix)
10. Locomotive Breath (New Stereo Mix)
11. Wind-up (New Stereo Mix)

01. Lick Your Fingers Clean (New Mix)
02. Just Trying To Be (New Mix)
03. My God (Early Version)
04. Wondring Aloud (13th December 1970)
05. Wind-up (Early Version New Mix)
06. Slipstream (Take 2)
07. Up The Pool (Early Version)
08. Wondring Aloud, Again (Full Morgan Version)
09. Life Is A Long Song (New Mix)
10. Up The Pool (New Mix)
11. Dr Bogenbroom (2011 Remastered)
12. From Later (2011 Remastered)
13. Nursie (2011 Remastered)
14. Us Radio Spot


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