Monday, December 29, 2008

Milford Graves - Peter Brotzmann

Live in Berlin - 2002

65 minutes recording. If someone has more infos, please share with us.


Kreilly said...

It might be this FM recording?
November 2, 2002
Haus der Berliner Festis

kike hurtado said...

November 2, 2002, this could be played at Total Music Meeting 2002 in Berlin.

Das kann sein... wahrscheinlich.

thanks anyway,

best, Kike.

Ochyming said...


rickdog said...

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jizzrelics said...

great work rick and thank you for the nice add ;)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post Jizz! Thank you! And a Happy 2009 to you.

mew23 said...

I hope it is not too late to supply some information.

This concert was recorded at the Berlin Jazz Festival on 01 November 2002 at the 'Haus der Berliner Festspiele'.

It is a radio recording, broadcast by Deutschlandradio Berlin on 08 February 2003.

Tracks 3 and 4 are in fact one piece that was interrupted for the news. With the titles announced by the radio speaker the track listing should look like this (my track lengths differ slightly)

1. You Never Know (MG)
Finding Your Way (MG) [18:06]
2. Our Meeting (MG) [13:49]
3. Little Birds Have Fast Hearts (PB)
The Heart and the Bone (PB)
Die Like A Dog (PB) [24:42]
4. [MG talking to the audience] [02:14]
5. [Encore] [04:23]

That's what my records say ...

jizzrelics said...

thank you for your detailed infos ;)

just duets said...

great blog. thanks for ALL

and obviously for DUETS

what is great about this community is that many pitch in to have full and extra information about each event, musicians, discographies and …

this thread is a perfect example. thanks ALL