Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nothingface - Violence

This is a really strange album to put up here on jizzrelics. It goes straight in the category "nostalgia". I've started my journey in music with this kind of sounds, all the modern metal shit and so on, late 90s alt-rock. This to me is the best album ever made in that unsung and ready-to-be-forget genre that was nu-metal.
I've uploaded "Violence" just to let you know something more about me.


P.s.: browsing through rapidshare i've discovered that now is possible to convert rapidpoints accumulated with your shared files also in donations to non-profit associations (amnesty international, caritas, wwf...). Jizzrelics made with your downloads a tiny donations of 5.00 euros to amnesty. So thank you, your dls are also useful.

1 comment:

hideo said...

glad to see you back (especially after your earthquake post)

I like metal in small doses so thanks for adding a little variety to our hum-drum jazz ;)