Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fushitsusha - 1991.9.26 19:15-20:08 [VIDEO!!!]

Live performance at the Shibuya La Mama club in Tokyo on 26 September 1991.

Originally released on VHS. NTSC region-free DVD.

Bass - Yasushi Ozawa
Drums - Jun Kosugi
Vocals, Guitar - Keiji Haino

26th September 1991 saw a titanic showdown at the Shibuya La Mama club in Tokyo. Keiji Haino's tumultuous Fushitsusha brought their epochal de/re-construction of rock to ringside to tussle it out with John Zorn's international hardcore skronk trio Pain Killer. The night was being documented for a Pain Killer live album (released as Rituals), which meant that Fushitsusha got to benefit from an unusually high-quality recording. Previously available as a PSF video, but out of print for the last few years on that unwieldy medium, this is the document of Fushitsusha's jaw-dropping set that night -- and still the only official Fushitsusha visuals available. A digest-sized version of everything that is great about the group, somehow squeezing the Grand Canyon breadth and depth of Haino's ambition into a far shorter set than they usually play. Raining down like manna from heaven for the converted, 53 minutes worth of prime Fushitsusha live, loud and leveling. What more do you need to know?



Anonymous said...

wow, thanks a lot jizz! from what i know of haino and what your wrote, this sure will be a dark thing of a performance. so this is from dvd and not from vhs?

Jizzrelics said...

hey lucky!

i think the dvd was done reversing the master-video vhs... so it's not "hd" but it's good (for my standards at least!).


WOO DOPS said...

WOW, will grab this in the morning! Many many thanks!