Tuesday, July 19, 2011

World's Experience Orchestra - The Beginning of a New Birth

This is an amazingly crafted gem of spiritual-jazz, self-released and published in 1975 by this bostonian super combo comprised of John Jamyll Jones (composer, arranger, director), Earl Grant-Lawrence (flute), Khalid Farug (alto flute), Michael Cosmic (alto sax), Donald Hasaan (alto clarinet), Haquib Ishma'il Hasaan (tenor sax), Phillip Musra (soprano sax), Shaddu Jones (piano), Robert Ruff (bass), Tony Cerra, Chauncy Hutcherson (drums), Larry Roland (congas), Martin Yaseen, Lee Andrew Davison, Sis. Vernell Jordan, Lola Roland, Imani Grant-Lawrence, Gloria Hutcherson, Doug Morgan (vocals). It bidded some insane prices over the net, all ranging between 2000$ and 3000$.