Saturday, April 30, 2011

Blue Note Month Starting Tomorrow

From tomorrow will start an only Blue Note Month. This means that there will be at least 31 albums of the finest jazz, all previously unseen on these pages.

In the mean time, there is this list of previously posted Blue Note releases on JizzRelics:

Lee Morgan - Indeed

Lee Morgan - Delightfulee

Grant Green - The Complete Quartets with Sonny Clark

Hank Mobley - Roll Call

Art Blakey - Mosaic

Art Blakey - Holiday for skins

Thelonious Monk - The Complete Blue Note Recordings

Ornette Coleman - New York is Now!

Ornette Coleman - Love Call

Ornette Coleman - At the Golden Circle Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

Booker Ervin - Structurally Sound

Charles Mingus sextet with Eric Dolphy

Cecil Taylor - Unit Structures


slovenlyeric said...

I love Blue Note and I would not want to tell you what to post, but several blogs have done this homage (and done it very comprehensively). Soulsole posted a great many including a few I had never previously seen. Their post were done in the last three months.

Blue Note was a terrific label and I understand why so many bloggers want to pay tribute to their work. From the music itself to the cover art they were among the most consistently great music labels ever.

I spent a lot of time, money and effort getting my copies and yes that included purchasing all those wonderful Japanese reissues.

Jizzrelics said...

i really don't get your post s.