Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Living Doorway - A Blog

The best kept secrets of the web will never turn up by accident. NEVER. I mean, if I was not looking around for that brutal death metal band from Madrid known as Wormed, I would never met JGD and his blog.

I'm not just featuring it in the right column, because although 95% revolving around music, it is a deeper experience than a random mp3 blog.

It's about life. The life of a random guy, once skater-kid, now skater-man, with a really passionate approach to music. Every post come packed with an out of teeth review that is closely related to a personal experience or is merely based on the thoughts of the moment. Plus he make some interviews well worth reading.

I really like it.

The Living Doorway


JGD said...

Hey, this is cool. Thanks dudes.

Jizzrelics said...

you are welcome ;)