Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Clifford Thornton - Communications Network (re-up)

Jerome Cooper - Percussion, Drums
Jayne Cortez - Vocals
Nathan Davis - Sax (Soprano)
Vincent George - Percussion, Conga
Andy Gonzalez - Bass
Jerry Gonzalez - Percussion, Conga
Jay Hoggard - Vibraphone
Nicky Marrero - Percussion, Timbales
Lakshminarayana Shankar - Violin
Sirone - Bass
Clifford Thornton - Cornet, Piano (Electric)

Recorded Live at NYC's Festival of African-American Music

(1972, Third World)

This is a killer set, lot of african beats and Thornton's free themes.
un under-rated player.. hope someone will notice him!


J-Bombay said...

Fantastic! I am a huge Thornton fan--I just wish he had more recorded. You seem to be dredging up some serious stuff here. Thanks--Keep it up!


the le duo said...

i love the site! just downloaded the thorton set, so great- is it just me or does the first track skip? thanks for the music!

H&H said...

A great musician who made first class records, and inspired a big bunch of important creative musicians ; thanks a lot for your terrific site, Jizzy.

Jan said...

Yes, terrific stuff but I too have the first track skipping a bit....happily the rest seems fine. Thanks for the great posts!!!!

gilhodges said...

Ah yes, the monster! Side One/track One has a bit of a flubble, but "Festivals and Funerals" on Side Two is brilliant. Jayne Cortez (Ornette Coleman's her ex) is transcendent. It's fascinating to hear Thornton performing with two-thirds of the Revolutionary Ensemble (with Lakshminarayana Shankar in the Leroy Jenkins violin chair). Thanks so much for the post.

If anyone is seeking a gander at the cover art to this record, look here.


Kevin said...

I am pretty new to Clifford Thornton's stuff, but I think I downloaded something of his from Church Number Nine a long time ago. Look forward to hearing this one.

I'll keep checking back to see what you got cookin'. Keep up the great work.



ghostrancedance said...

Thank you!

John V said...

Thanks a lot for the re-up.Missed this gem the first time around.

John V.

Michael said...

Hey There
Can you please re-post this album? The first track doesn't just skip, it drags and flutters for quite a long time! I've been looking for this album forever, and to finally find it with that problem is agony. Thanks.

jizzrelics said...

i know but i haven't the original source...