Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fennesz/O' Rourke/Rehberg - The Magic Sound of Fenno'berg

Three of avant music's brightest lights (the Mego label's Peter Rehberg and Christian Fennesz, and the ubiquitous Jim O'Rourke) sit down with their laptops, and create a disarming and beautiful collection of electronic free improvisation. You'll find only trace elements of established genres here, as the three lob samples and tones back and forth: recognizible instruments blend with "pure" electronics, pop structures dissolve into the irradiation of noise and static. The fact that it's all done in real time, with little to no premeditation, makes it all the more intriguing. This _isn't_ techno, despite what the racking system might tell you. Whatever the old farts of free improv tell you, this _is_ the future of avant garde, improvised music. Let whatever hang ups you have about music created on computer go, and lose yourself in the journey.


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