Saturday, August 30, 2008

Johnny Dyani, Okay Temiz, Mongezi Feza - Rejoice

I dunno the Tracklist, any help is appreciated

Johnny Dyani - Bass, Vocals
Mongezi Feza - Trumpet, Vocals
Okay Temiz - Drums, Percussion

(Oct 1972, Cadillac 1017)

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ep1str0phy said...

After rifling through a bunch of translated google pages, I found this:

Johnny Dyani/Mongezi Feza/Okay Temiz: Rejoice (Cadillac SGC 1017 LP, 1972)

Johnny Dyani: b, vo
Okay Temiz: dms, pc
Mongezi Feza: tp, vo

A1: Mad High
A2: Makaya Makaya
B1: Pukwana
B2: Imbomgolo

-This album was, according to the listing, recorded live in Stockholm.

CtLxItIVA said...

thx dude, i appreciate your help a lot.


ep1str0phy said...

No problem. I should note--the last two tracks (B1&B2) are each split in half on this rip. For Dyani connoisseurs--B1 uses the same bass line as "Ithi Gqi", and B2 is AKA "Angolian Cry".

Miguel said...

Great Site! The most (well, one of the most) beautyful musics in the world...improv based music. Really hard to find stuff! Hope you don't plan to disappear like other sites lately...your work is apreciated. Thanks!

Peter said...

thanks fo this - i used to have it on vinyl myself years ago. lovely to hear it again...

LookingAround said...

Here is the a cover thumb of this long unavaliable Trio

They have also on the same year recorded two albums for Sonet
Music For Xaba. (1972)
(Sonet SNTF 642)
Music For Xaba. (1972)
(Sonet SNTF 642)

that as far i know are also out of print.

il angelo said...

a pleasure having you back, great album this,

marramua said...

Great site..

Astrognome said...

Thank you. Wonderful album, wonderful blog.