Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tu M' & the Magical Mystery Orchestra (re-up)

BRILLIANT sonorities & gleaming tones, enchanting melodies, scratchy textures & grainy surfaces - all born from the Magical Mystery Orchestra, a "secret ensemble" of horns, strings, percussion, piano, and other traditional instrumentation. The compositions of Rossano Polidoro (b.1970) and Emiliano Romanelli (b.1979), together known to the world as Tu m', were first played by the Magical Mystery Orchestra, then digitally reprocessed and edited by the composers. This approach is a departure from much of the previous Tu m' music, with the composers typically approaching laptops directly as the point of compostion, here drawing inspiration from the "colors of the acoustic instruments, in their simple and pure sound and in their melodic reiteration in space." Ten uncommonly beautiful electro-acoustic treasures.


swain said...

this is great record. im so glad i heard it here the last time you posted it. theres nothing like discovering new good music! thanks.

jizzrelics said...

Thank you for your nice comment swain!

The purpose of mp3-blog IS 'discover new music'. But someone out there still think that we are 'killing good music, because some of these albums are still in print'. Cultural freedom is above all these things. And listen to music is always a good thing (both for the listener and for the artist).