Sunday, December 5, 2010

Always the same, but a bit different.

Jizzrelics lately is on hiatus, last post date back to June, an eternity... but believe it or not, the site averages something like 100 unique visitors a day, and has some huges "momentums" with 3.000 pages views in 24 hours.

Plus: every album has an average download rate of 650 dls, and this is a really big number. Consider that there are pieces which have reached barely the grand total of 100 dls, but happily there are also some that have passed the one thousand mark. This means that 1.000 people from all over the world are now listening to that top quality bootleg from Cecil Taylor, or to an obscure gem of european free improvisation. And this really means a lot to me. The purpose of a blog like this is to share, to make music "promotion", to promote good quality pieces of art and let other aficionados enjoy all of this.

Now I think is time for a giveback.

Nothing will change of course, I promise that in the next months the number of posts will boost increasingly.

But I want to offer a new "service" to the comunity, I wanna give visibility to underground artists.

You have a band, you're doing improvisation/electronics/noises/alternative music on your own? Are you involved in a blasting punk'n'roll band? Enjoy dropping emotional pieces on solo piano? Whatever you do, Jizz is interested in listenings to it and offer you the first page.

Write at: sacco.vanzetti(at)

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