Friday, December 17, 2010

steve lacy - momentum 1987

This is one of my favourite Steve Lacy records, possibly because it is one of the first I heard! Still, I remember how I felt suprised when, after the two first wonderful tunes with blowing saxophones and driving bass, Irene Aebi's voice spreaded out of the blue in the third track "Utah" singing "Strawberry, strawberry...". Some may hate her eccentric way, but could you imagine someone else singing those complex and awkward songs? I can't.

Anyway, I hope you love it.... so here is it the rip of my (signed by the Author!) copy with the hystory of the compositions also briefly sketched by Lacy himself in the booklet. Enjoy, CJ


Colin said...

Thank you! I've been looking for this for a long time!

jazzme said...

Only 1 track comes up and it cannot be opened

don said...

A very wonderful date.
Steve Lacy and Band at it's best.
I have heard this group many times live and this is Steve at his creative peak. Mr. Potts is no slouch either.

Thank You. dc

crocojazz said...

Hi, jazzme,

I just tried to download and unzip the archive. it worked. so please try again and let me know.


il angelo said...

smashing! one of his really great

john said...

thank you. This is a great site, and I can't get too much Lacy.