Thursday, June 23, 2011

Game of Thrones - S01

I know that tv shows aren't Jizzrelics proper business, but this one caught me so violently that I've to spread it to as many as possible. I'm huge fan of George R.R. Martins' fantasy saga and this tv script revamped a youth passion for this kind of products. You will like it, believe me. Is exactly the yin and yang compared to The Lord of the Rings or any other attempt in the genre. Is full of blood, sex, intrigues and violence. It's the black side of fantasy narration.
So here you have the ten episodes of the first serie. Quality is quite good and files are easily exportable to your mobile devices.

File name: GOT0101.rar
File size:178.24 MB

File name: GOT0102.rar
File size:159.51 MB

File name: GOT0103.rar
File size:165.46 MB

File name: GOT0104.rar
File size:160.58 MB

File name: GOT0105.rar
File size:157.49 MB

File name: GOT0106.rar
File size:151.85 MB

File name: GOT0107.rar
File size:171.83 MB

File name: GOT0108.rar
File size:169.32 MB

File name: GOT0109.rar
File size:164.84 MB

File name: GOT0110.TG.rar
File size:153.80 MB


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Paul said...

Amazing show!