Thursday, June 2, 2011

Start your mp3-blog and earn something in the process

1. Open an account with google Here. If you already have one, go to point 2

2. Create your free blog with blogger. Choose from several layouts and styles. All the pages are deeply editable through a really quick and simple editor that offers thousands of different solutions.

3. Start uplaoding your albums. I've found through the years that best results in terms of download speed, free storage and earnings comes from these three:
  • Uploadstation: no way this is the most rewarding site for file hosting. You get an average of 15$ every 1000 downloads of a 100 mb file. With files over 450mb earnings go to 32$/1000 downloads. Add also an 8% of account sellings through your links and 20% through the referral system.
  • Filesonic: a lot of people already has a premium account that allows them to multiple-downloads without speed limits. Most of the earnings will come from account sellings that can make you a fix of 5$/10$ based on what earning plan you choose. You get also something for single download but is not even comaparable to what you get from Uploadstation.
  • Fileserve: It's the perfect mix of the two systems above: you get a good 12$/1000 downloads of a 100 mb file and a 25% of referrals earnings. Account selling is payed 5%. A lot of people also use this.
All of them allows also to REMOTE UPLOAD and FTP upload: give 'em a mediafire link and it will pop up in your files folder within seconds. This means that you can upload once to mediafire and then remote upload to all of them using the mediafire link.
My suggestion is to try all of them and find which is the most rewarding for you.

Have good bloggin' times!

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