Monday, September 29, 2008

Bennink\Mengelberg Duo

Han Bennink - Drums, Dhung, rkanglig, log drums, khène, vibra-pan, kaffir piano, dhung-dkar, oe-oelong, voice.
Misha Mengelberg - Piano, Putney synthesizer.

-side a:
and the great spotted woodpecker....? "tsjik, tsjik, tsjik" or "kik" and a very fast roll

-side b:
where is the police? (mengelberg)

Recorded at stedelijk museum, Amsterdam.

(mar 1971, icp 010)

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Brent said...

wow, yet another album i never thought i would hear. thanks so much! these icp's are incredible.

CtLxItIVA said...

eheh life gives surprises sometimes.

be tuned, i still have some lp's to share about icp records.

Anonymous said...

ctlxitiva - you're really frighten me! i mean, how on heaven's earth do you came across such rare gimmicks? these early icp's are IMPOSSIBLE to find, although a few have been released on ICP-CDs... but not REALLY many...

i'm sure staying tuned... and since then -

I want to thank you + jazzrelics for all your fine shares!

HIGHLY appreciated.

Peter said...

this is a wonderful find. thanks so much!

bolingo69 said...

great place for rare vinyl! Thnks a lot for the ICP...

troods said...

Looking forward. Whatever music I've missed in my life (and I'll never catch up) I'll find lots of it here. Thank you much!