Tuesday, September 2, 2008


From the desk of Reverend Beat-man: One day I was in my office and a letter came from King Khan with a CD of Andy Dale Petty. He said Andy is a Trainer, a boy that runs freight trains with his Guitar and travels from town to town and sings Songs... The CD he send was probably recorded somewhere in a train or in a car... It sounded Fantastic so I put him in a Studio near where he lives to record those 13 Songs for Voodoo Rhythm Records.

Andy has a great way of playing his instrument and his voice is sometimes so wrong that it’s Beautiful to listen too, and he’s only fucking 18 years old godamit! Andy Takes the Roots of Woody Guthrie and Young Bob Dylan and makes them his own. On this Album there are 13 songs, including a couple covers and Traditionals, but most of them are written by Andy himself, and they are Great Songs in the Tradition of Americana Folk and western Ballads; with Banjo, Guitar and sometimes a sweet little church Organ that catapults you into another dimension and pushes you into another world.


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