Monday, September 29, 2008

Eric Dolphy, Misha Mengelberg, Jacques Schols, Han Bennink - Epistrophy

Eric Dolphy - bass clarinet (track 1)
Misha Mengelberg - piano
Jacques Schols - bass (track 1)
Han Bennink - drums (track 1).

1. Epistrophy (17.52)
2. Eeko (grey red-tail parrot)/Misha Mengelberg (02.00)

Track 1 recorded in Eindhoven, Holland on 1 June 1964
track 2 recorded in Amsterdam on 6 June 1972.

(1974, icp 015)

Sound quality is not nice at all, but... it is a pleasure to listen to Dolphy playing with Mengelberg and Bennink.Enjoy

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H&H said...

Wow, man ; this one is a rarissime gem, ain't it ? Great, thanks a lot

CtLxItIVA said...

yeah it is : )

glad u appreciated.

all greeting must go to my japanese's friend who ripped it and a lot of others stuff i do share here.
i just make availables them all to whoever wants to listen them.


H&H said...

Been listening to it, enjoyed it a lot ; really two slices of delicious music, very distinct from one another.

I try to submit a selection of my own, slowly growing in my little garden >

You guys give me a hard time trying to find records that you did not already gave us, but I'm working at it. Please feel free to spread the word about H&H and bookmark, link, whatever...
Thanks again Ctlxitiva !

Farlac said...

Here's a (partial) cover scan to go with it:

neil said...

That's some rare stuff!

troods said...

To you and your Japanese friend, thank you from the heart!!