Monday, September 29, 2008

friedhelm schönfeld trio & hubert katzenbeier quintett

--side a:
01 friedhelm schönfeld trio - trio dimensionen

friedhelm schönfeld - leader, clarinet, alto sax, tenor sax
klaus koch - bass
günter sommer - drums

--side b:
01 hubert katzenbeier quintett - quartett
02 hubert katzenbeier quintett - ballade
03 hubert katzenbeier quintett - blues-fasching

hubert katzenbeier - leader,trombone
konrad körner - flute, tenor sax
manfred schramm - piano
hans schätzke - bass
wolfgang winkler - drums

ripped from vinyl by gasomat, thanks mate!

recorded at amiga-studio, berlin

(nov 1972, amiga 855 307)

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dipmong said...

this is fantastic
great stuff rescued from obscurity.
cheers man

couw said...

cool! my very own cover scan. I wonder which ways that travelled to end up here.

CtLxItIVA said...

hey couw.

i guess Dan ripped it. are u Dan? ;-)

Tantris said...

... another great one ...

couw said...

I am not Dan. It's good to see this stuff being shared. It's just weird to see my own scan pop up with a rip by someone else. No problem, glad you're sharing. Keep it up.

deconstructo said...

I could give the translation a shot--at least get the majority of the meaning, but I can't quite read the cover scan. I'll print it out to see if I can.

couw said...

better scan: here

couw said...
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fuckster said...

do you still need a german translation?

crowd salad said...

Thanks for mentioning Cliva.

and thanks for the scans couw!

btw. this is gaso

:) see ya

troods said...

Wow there was a controversy several years ago. Now I really want the album!! Thank you as always.