Sunday, October 12, 2008

Schiano/Rutherford/Mengelberg/Bennink - A European Proposal (1977)

1. Tristezze di San Luigi [Schiano/Rutherford/Mengelberg/Bennink] 18:28 
2. Tristezze di San Luigi [Schiano/Rutherford/Mengelberg/Bennink] 18:58 
3. Tristezze di San Luigi [Schiano/Rutherford/Mengelberg/Bennink] 18:51 
4. Tristezze di San Luigi [Schiano/Rutherford/Mengelberg/Bennink] 20:59 

Mario Schiano : sax alto; Paul Rutherford : trombone, euphonium; Misha Mengelberg : pianoforte; Han Bennink : batteria, percussione, clarinetto basso, giocattoli 

Recorded live at Teatro Ponchielli (Cremona) 4/24/1978 




il angelo said...

very fine, much more given the scarcity of horo releases. Yhanks a lot

1009 said...

Wow - very cool. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

going to check this out right away. thanks for making it possible.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jizz. This is not easy to find.

(There's a small problem on track no. 3 - where someone's email notifier announces "You've got mail" and "Goodbye". But I imagine these musicians would not be perturbed by the new participant!).

jizzrelics said...

ahahah, I didn't noticed it :)

1009 said...

Just listening right now -- & there are the sounds of internet explorer mouse clicks throughout track one. At first it sounded like it was only the beginning, but they keep cropping up.

folly for to see what said...

What a nice surprise!
I didn't know you were again active, and what I find is this gem. Amazing! I've been looking for this record for a long time, and all my efforts were in vain. Horo records are very rare. Now you put an smile on my face. Good way to finish the weekend…

Is true some noises can be listened, but I really don't mind 'cause the music is TERRIFIC! Everybody must listen to it.


lc said...

amazing music!
but you gave yourself away!
now the whole world knows you've got an aol account, stashed, some place.
thanks again.

troods said...

Interesting comments! Since I tend to do several things at once, any non music sounds will probably not be bothersome. Looking forward to spending my vacation catchin up with music and relaxing. Thank you for contributing to that!

aram said...

Yeah, the "welcome! you've got mail" and "goodbye" really threw me for a minute because I thought it was coming from my computer. I wonder how that happened. Thanks for this CD, regardless of the funny blips.