Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Archie Shepp & The New York Contemporary Five

Recording information: Jazzhaus Montmarte, Copenhagen, Denmark (11/15/1963).

Personnel: Archie Shepp (tenor saxophone); John Tchicai (alto saxophone); Don Cherry (cornet); Don Moore (double bass); J.C. Moses (drums).


Anonymous said...

thank you good sir for sharing this. one that i have not had the pleasure to hear. very much appreciated.

Alessandro said...

This is a classic masterpiece from "Free" Jazz golden age. Four For Trane and his great Impluse! performances to come.
I recently saw Shepp live and... well these were THE days!

Alessandro said...

Great record. This is Shepp in the best days, just before Four For Trane and his great Impulse! recordings. Too bad he did not kept on performing with Cherry, though. I never heard a second recording with both playing.

I recently saw Shepp live.
Well, a waste of time; THOSE were the days.

jizzrelics said...

ciao alessandro.

sei andato a vederlo all'ischia jazz festival? io non ho mai avuto occasione di vederlo dal vivo, ma ammetto che non mi dispiacerebbe vederlo suonare... in fondo è uno dei pochi leoni del free ancora in giro.

troods said...

I'm trying very hard to absorb free jazz which usually happens when I stop trying very hard! Thank you for this!