Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sir Richard Bishop - Staged

42 minutes. A release of all live recordings. Includes a couple of pieces from 1998, shortly after Salvador Kali was released. The remaining songs are taken from the 2005 and 2006 tours.


lc said...

currently listening to it, and well, thank you for sharing that gem.
I had heard of the gent but never listened to any of his music.
and you offering 3 of his recordings among other great stuff I'm more inclined to listen to had me try it out, finally.
I just wish I had tried earlier.
thanks again.

Davis Presley said...

Thanks much for posting this. All of his CDR's are so damnned limited I was beginning to question their actual existence. Well, I know that at least one of them is out there. Thanks again.


troods said...

Why not take 2 while I'm here. This site is like the proverbial candy store. I can't stop! Thank you for all you do.