Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tony Oxley - Ichnos (1969)

Bass - Barry Guy 
Composed By, Percussion - Tony Oxley 
Guitar - Derek Bailey 
Saxophone [Soprano, Tenor] - Evan Parker 
Trombone - Paul Rutherford (2) 
Trumpet, Flugelhorn - Kenny Wheeler

A1 Crossing (Sextet)
A2 Oryane (Percussion Solo)
B1 Eiroc (Quartet)
B2 Santrel (Quartet)
B3 Cadilla (Sextet)



Danny said...

Thanks for this one! Great site!
Totally Fuzzy Turned me on to you, with a listing of charles gayle stuff,bt i didn't see any Gayle. Am I missing it? TOUCHIN' ON TRANE?

jizzrelics said...

yes we closed for a while. gayle was one of the last post of the first version of this blog. maybe in the future i'll reupload something ;)

1009 said...

Thanks! Is this the one that was posted (WAY back) on Swami Hermitus Solus' blog?

jizzrelics said...

I don't know. A friend ripped this for me.

Dr Wommm said...

Thanks so much for this. Fantastic record. Anybody got The Baptised Traveller or 4 Compositions for Sextet? I foolishly sold my copies when I was skint and then the bastards at CBS deleted them...

Solomon said...

Thank you.

troods said...

Another new to me album. Looking forward to hearing it. Thank you.

unitstructure said...

this is a deep one.